Dog Friendly

If You’re Bringing Your Dog

We understand that your dogs are an important part of the family too, and that being together makes your stay even more special. It also saves a fortune on kennels and is far less stressful for you and your dog(s). We don’t charge anything extra for dogs to stay.

There are some fabulous places to explore with your dog(s) : heathland, fenland, ancient woodland and forests, coastal footpaths and vast sandy beaches where they can run for miles. Most of the pubs in the area welcome dogs so you’ll have no problems finding somewhere to eat when you’re out and about.


Great local dog walks include Knettishall Heath, Wortham Ling and Thetford Forrest.

For information about dog friendly places to visit, take a look at these links.

We want you to enjoy your time away with your dog(s) and we also want future guests to enjoy the same opportunity, so we kindly ask that you observe the following points during your stay.

  • *Please ensure your dog’s flea and worm treatments are up to date before your stay.
  • *We ask that dogs are kept downstairs. There are stairgates in place to prevent dogs from going up so please ensure they are kept closed.
  • *We ask that dog beds are placed in the kitchen at night.
  • *Dogs are absolutely not permitted on any beds at any time.
  • *Please supply your own clean throws if you wish your dog to go onto the sofa.
  • *Please also provide your own dog towels for muddy feet. These towels should be taken away with you to wash at home. We cannot wash items with dog hair on in our machines. It contaminates further washes for other guests.
  • *Dogs must not be left alone in the property at any time without prior agreement. This can lead to house/furniture damage, toilet mess, noise nuisance from barking and to distressed dogs.
  • *The most damage we have suffered has been from dogs scratching at doors which has happened when they have been left alone. We can supply a list of local dog sitters should you need one
  • *Please do try and keep dogs off the flower beds. They are very welcome to run about on the lawns but we do get rather upset when our flowers are trampled down.
  • *I know this might sound crazy, but people have been known to put their dogs into hot tubs. This is absolutely not allowed and thankfully nobody has ever done this at our cottages. Not only would dog hair and dirt block the jets but the chlorine used can cause skin irritation and dogs can easily overheat which is also dangerous for their health.
  • *I think it goes without saying that all poo has to be collected and binned. Please put bagged poo straight into the General Waste wheelie bin. Nobody wants to stand in dog poo. We often have families with children who stay and play in the garden and they really don’t want to skid on dog poo!
  • *Please ensure that all dog hair is hoovered and swept up before check out. Any damage or stains caused by your dog must be paid for in full.

Thank you so much. Your co-operation is much appreciated.

Sarah & Stuart